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Why Is My Sublimation Printer Printing Slowly?

Sublimation Printer Printing Slowly

There’s a certain joy in owning a sublimation printer that prints classy prints, helping you thrive and improve the productivity of your business. However, all of this becomes mundane when your printer isn’t producing all the prints at the right time. There’s a certain kind of a disappointment that comes with that kind of performance. As sublimation printers do not come cheaply, you would want to juice out all the benefits that essentially come with them. When a printer prints slowly, all the happiness that you might experience because of the quality of the prints would seem dull in comparison to the crushing disappointment. If you unfortunately have a slow printing printer, you might want to try out all the necessary options to speed up the printing process.

Below are all the necessary and effective solutions to sublimation printing that can make it the perfect process for you to get some speedy printing done in no time.

Things to consider for the problem:

sublimation printer printing slowly

There are some factors that affect the printing process of sublimation printers. These include:

  1. The sublimation printing machine’s required vehicle drivers must be placed correctly. The vehicle driver must be configured on the USB port for the digital textile sublimation printing equipment. The network port photo maker must be connected to the internet and have its IP settings configured in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions for online setup.
  2. Another reason for a sublimation printer printing slowly is the ink cartridges. Always make sure that there’s enough ink to print for you. If there aren’t many ink cartridges for you then you might have to fill it up so there isn’t an issue. Also, check if the ink is inserted properly into the printer so there isn’t any resistance while printing. Keep an extra ink cartridge with you so there’s enough for you to work with. During emergencies, these ink bottles always come in handy.
  3. A clogged printer head is one of the key problems that your printer might face. People often overlook this as essentially the reason why a printer might print slowly. Printer heads might get clogged so all you’ll have to do is clear them up to get a smooth transition of text onto paper. The easiest way to get a guide for cleaning the head is by looking through the manual. The manual is a lovely informational guide that you can find a printer with.
  4. However, if all of these reasons do not work, make sure that the printer you’re working on is in good shape. If all the solutions for printing aren’t working, you might want to change up the printing process by changing the printer. Upgrading your printer might help you with this process. The new printer has everything new and shiny which means they’ll have a faster printing process. Try out this method to ensure a slow yet perfect way to print paper.

Now that we’ve sorted out all the potential factors that you might face for slow printing, here are a few ways that you can solve this problem:

Reset printer: 

sublimation printer printing slowly

One of the rookie solutions to having any issue with a printer is by resetting it. Immediately unplug your printer from its power source and wait for some time to plug it back in. Once you’ve plugged the printer right back into the power source, turn on your computer. Turning it on might reset all the things and might essentially solve your problem of printing. Open up the printer and start your printing process again.

  • Delete previous print jobs:

Sometimes there are many print jobs stuck in a queue that can create a lot of hindrance for you. Having such queued print jobs present all around. These stacked-up print jobs make it hard for the printer to do some much-needed printing. Therefore it’s important to clear out all the print jobs in order to clean up the interior of the printer nicely. Open up the printer window on the menu and type in “printers”. Then right-click the printer’s option and choose “see what’s printing”. Directly click on the print job that you want to delete from the printer and click on cancel. This would immediately clean up and cancel the printer from your printer. This way the printer will essentially clean up all the unnecessary jobs in the queue to make space for others to be printed clearly. Once all of this is done, get to your printing job without worrying about anything else.

  • Printer driver:

When all else fails, look into things that do not seem all that obvious. A printer driver is one of them. Make sure that you have an updated printer driver in order for you to work through a properly wonderful printer driver for yourself. This is quite an easy process, just visit your printer’s manufacturer site and find an upgraded printer driver. This printer driver will ensure a safe and sound upgrade printer driver. Just download and install the latest printer driver on your computer and your print will definitely start working smoothly.

Once all of this is completed, try to do the printing process again.

  • Clean your printer:

sublimation printer printing slowly

Sometimes methods as simple as cleaning your printer can solve half of your problem. If your printer is dirty and hasn’t been cleaned all that much lately, this should probably be the first thing for you to do. Clean your printer with a proper guide to not further damage the machine and follow it thoroughly with immense concentration.

  • Install local port device:

This might sound like gibberish to you but is actually one of the perfect methods to speed up the printing process. Download your printer as a local port device to ensure fast printing. First, download the latest printer device from the manufacturer’s website for your model of printer. Install it on your computer. Search up the printer’s window and find a “printers” option for yourself. Right-click on the printer and choose the printer properties option. Once all of this is done, the next part becomes pretty easy to navigate. Click on “ports” and choose the “local print” option for the printer. This will immediately change your printer to the local port device.


Sublimation printers are quite premium and legit when it comes to businesses. Any problem that might arise in the printer should definitely be taken seriously as sublimation printers are some of the most important printers in the market. A problem such as slow printing can be dealt with in many ways as mentioned in our article. We hope that it is of huge help to you so you can find the perfect printer to produce your products.